School Lockdown Systems

School Lockdown Systems

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of School Lockdown Systems we have a comprehensive range of market leading solutions that can be tailored to your schools very own requirements.

24 Hour Monitoring

Our Lockdown solutions have an option to be linked to a 24 Hour call monitoring centre, this enables a robust procedure to ensure emergency services are called every time.

Say NO to WiFi!

Simply put, a Lockdown System is an emergency system and WiFi is not a reliable technology for that purpose, we have all experienced WiFi devices dropping their connection! Would you put your schools fire alarm on WiFi?

No Need for Screaming Sirens

Where a Lockdown Procedure is defined as an established series of actions taken, a Lockdown System incorporates those actions and a variety of resources, technology & announcements used throughout the building, to greatly improve communication and access control measures are followed through. A Lockdown System can be divided into two main components – Communication & Access Control.


NIS Ltd can provide a lockdown system that is bespoke to your lockdown policy.

Emergency procedures documents

All of our School Lockdown Solutions are able to be in accordance with your Emergency Procedures documents and we are able to assist in providing the relevant documentation

Free Demonstration, Site Survey and Quotation

The best way to find our further information about our School Lockdown solutions is to book you very own free no obligation demonstration, site survey and Quotation today.

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